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Late delivery. Over 98% of our deliveries* are made on the day you select. The others arrive a day late. Causes of delay include mis-sorts by the courier company, traffic accidents and driver errors. Unfortunately, these cannot be eliminated so by placing an order, you agree to accept your delivery a day late.

*This figure degrades - typically to 95% - when couriers experience exceptional volumes, for instance after bank holidays, following Black Friday and at Christmas.

Defrosted on arrival. All our seafood products is frozen and leave us frozen, except our live king crab and lobster that leaves us alive depending on client choice. We ensure our IQF freezing process gets your seafood very fresh and frozen at your door steps.

Changing delivery via the courier Many couriers offer consignees the option of altering their delivery to a different address. This usually involves delaying delivery which is very inadvisable for our parcels as they must be delivered fast in order to stay cold. If you change your delivery arrangements via the courier, we are not responsible for the consequences.

Couriers ringing/knocking/waiting. In the Covid era, courier delivery has widely come to mean simply "left at your door". Typically you will also receive a text advising a delivery window and another saying the delivery has been made. We need you to monitor your door and mobile phone for our delivery. If you do not have a mobile phone, you need to be vigilant in looking out for the delivery. If appropriate (eg your front door is on the street), please put a note on your door explaining where the driver should leave your parcel. Please do not ask to be phoned when the delivery arrives. This is not a realistic request to make of a busy delivery driver. The driver has your phone number and should call you if he or she can't find your house, but needs to make a swift dropoff when he gets there.

Non-delivery. We monitor courier deliveries via the courier's website, but we need you to take responsibility at your end. For instance, occasionally, a courier leaves a parcel in the porch of the wrong house. We cannot correct such an event unless you tell us you do not have your delivery. So, if your courier delivery is not in your hands by the end of your delivery window please call us on + 63 (969) 644-0744. Normally, customers who provide a mobile phone number will receive a text with a tracking link and another text or email once the parcel has been delivered. If you are at the delivery address and receive this but don't have the parcel you must call us immediately so that we can rectify a mis-delivery.

Missing items. If an item is missing from your order, you must advise us within 24 hours by phone (+ 63 (969) 644-0744; leave a message outside office hours) or email (info@aquatradinggrp.com). Please always check your order against the packing sheet when transferring it from our box to your freezer.

Substitution In cases of stockouts etc, we are entitled to substitute any item in your order with an item of the same or higher value of the same or very similar product.

Emails. We will send you a) an order confirmation email, b) if necessary other emails relevant to the good delivery of your order and may send you c) an order review email.

Phone calls. We may call you within one month of the delivery of your first order to check that you found our fish and service satisfactory. During this call we may ask if you would like to receive up to one call every six weeks about special offers which based on the contents of your basket, we believe will interest you. If you decline this offer we will not call you again.

Returns. You cannot return frozen or chilled items to us. If you wish to return other items (eg a tin of fish) for any reason other than it not being of satisfactory quality, you may do so at your own expense. We will refund the cost on return to us in good condition within ten days.

Guarantee. We aim to supply fish and provide an overall service of the highest quality. If you think we have failed, please contact us. We will offer a resolution with three working days.

Changing the delivery date. Very occasionally we might need to amend the delivery date you selected when placing your order. In such cases we will always email you, seeking an OK. If you do not reply to the email we would normally attempt to call or text you. If it proves impossible to obtain your consent to the change of delivery date, we will do one of the following: a) hold the order back until we hear from you b) ship anyway for the different date or c) refund you. If you tell us that our proposed different date doesnot suit you we will offer alternative dates or refund you.

Cancellation. You may cancel your order up to 10am the day before your selected delivery date. If cancelling this late, please do so by phone. We will refund you.

Customer support. Call us on + 63 (969) 644-0744 at any time (from outside the PHILIPPINE, +66 (94) 996 6739). This number is manned Monday to Friday 9-5 and will otherwise accept a message. We aim to respond to all calls within 24 hours except at weekends / public holidays. Alternatively, email info@aquatradinggrp.com

Taxes and duties on international orders. You are responsible for these and please note that if you are contacted by the courier company for payment of such charges, you will need to make the payment quickly to ensure your goods arrive at an acceptable temperature.

Complaints. If you wish to complain, please call or email as above. We will try to acknowledge your complaint within one working day, and say how we propose to resolve it within five working days. Any complaint must be raised to us within three months of delivery date.

Consent. By using our website you consent to our collecting and using your personal information as described in our privacy policy.


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