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We are a seafood product company with more than 125 employees, based at 880 A.S. Fortuna St, Mandaue City, 6014 Cebu, Philippines with a primary objective in the Supply and distrubution of Quality Seafood.

Aqua Trading Group Seafood was founded in 1990 with an inspiration to bring hand selected fresh seafood from Cebu to Manila Philippines. This idea started when owner LORY T YEH worked for a seafood company near Davao Harbor while home for summer from University of the Philippines Diliman. His summer employer soon became his only supplier when Lory graduated from UP. Lory found an ambitious graduate from Diliman University that believed in his idea, Paul Packer. The two started selling seafood from a mobile refrigerator unit in the back of a Ford Pickup. They sold fresh clams,king crab, lobsters,shellfish and scallops, oysters, and small amounts of fish to a handful of restaurants. Within nine months they outgrew their vehicle and needed more space.

In 1991 they opened Aqua Trading Group Seafood Market in the Table Mesa Shopping Center of Mandaue,Cebu. They soon hired their first employee, who still works for the company! Sandy Garcia. In 1992 Scott Packer, brother to Paul joined the company. The store was a success and wholesale business continued to expand requiring more trucks servicing a greater reach of customers. The team was strong and business with retail stores and restaurants was out-competing their Mandaue retail location.

In 1993 they decided to move their entire business to a wholesale operation and They soon outgrew the operation and in 1998 they moved into a 10,000 square foot facility. The final move was made in 1999 to where we presently operate at 880 A.S. Fortuna St, Mandaue City, 6014 Cebu.Over the years the company gained more grounds and we successfully extended to several retail outlets in Southern Asia, America and Europe

Lory, Paul, Sandy and Scott still serve the same customers they started business with in the 80’s. The company continues to hand select and cut fish to Chef specifications 7 days per week. Aqua Trading group Seafood sustainably sources the finest and freshest seafood from around the world to serve customers in the Rocky Mountain region.

We specialize in sustainable species of king crab, lobsters, fish, and shellfish – and we only sell what we stand behind. All of our king crab and seafood is flash frozen for perfect quality upon arrival. All our fish (bar a few specialist items such as caviar) is frozen. We believe that fish frozen quickly after landing is indistinguishable from fresh fish when it is cooked and on the plate. And indeed superior to the defrosted fish presented as fresh in supermarkets. And by insisting on freezing all our fish, we are able to offer the widest possible range at all times. I am sure that very few companies in the world offers such a huge range as ours.

We Employ A Highly Qualified Team Of Professionals, Who Hold A Vast Experience In Their Respective Domains. The Team Works Hard Relentlessly To Cater To The Client's Specific Demands And Ensure Complete Customer Satisfaction.

Aquatradinggrp's History

Aquatrading group is an Asian family owned company that was established in 1990. Seafood has been a way of life for the establishers of Aquatrading group Seafood as far back as the late 1990’s. Throughout this time our family has owned and operated several successful retail outlets in Southern Asia, America and Europe. Since its inception, Aquatrading group has built its name to be the most reputable and most trusted in the seafood industry providing Sydney shoppers with the best quality, most freshest and most affordable seafood in town. Our store continues to thrive and today is one of the most iconic features at the Asian Markets. We support seafood sustainability

Group's Mission

we are committed to quality. If our crabs, lobsters or fish did not exceed the quality available in supermarkets, we wouldn’t have a business. Quality is not just a matter of freshness. It’s also about cut and trim. We will sell you a whole fillet if that’s what you want, but most of our customers are looking for the prime piece of the fillet - what we call a fillet steak.

Group's Vision

With the deepest value for families that have spent generations on the water, Aquatrading group ensures that the seafood it offers is of utmost quality and arrives impeccably. By pairing old-school quality and new-school innovation, Aquatrading group delivers sumptuous, seasonal seafood from the dock to your doorstep overnight.


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